Apple company sued for $1 billon by a teenager for falsely accusing him of thief

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Apple company sued by Ousmane Bah


Apple company has been sued for 1 billion dollars by a New York student claiming that the apple company’s facial-recognition software wrongly linked him to a series of thefts from Apple stores.


Ousmane Bah, who is 18 years old said that he was arrested at his home in New York in November and charged with stealing from an Apple store. The arrest warrant included a photo that didn’t resemble him , he said in a lawsuit filed Monday. One of the crime he was charged with, took place in Boston, in June when he was attending his senior prom in Manhattan.


The 18 years old Boy Ousmane Bah that said he had previously lost a non-photo learner’s permit in Apple stores which may have been found or stolen by the real thief and used as identification. Because of that Ousmane Bah claimed, his name might have been mistakenly connected to the thief’s face in Apple’s facial-recognition system, which he said the company uses in its stores to track people suspected to be thieves


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