Download Gb WhatsApp BETA Latest Version 7.35 With Anti Ban

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Myonlinetechs is here with latest Gb WhatsApp update. Well this is the beta version of the Gb WhatsApp with new additional features added to make it more super fun.

Well some people taught that gb WhatsApp has officially shut down because of the message they wrote on their telegram channel that there will be no longer be updates in the app. which myonlinetechs didn’t believe in. Now here is the latest update of the Gb WhatsApp called Gb WhatsApp BETA.


Features of Gb WhatsApp BETA version 7.35 anti ban

Well without wasting much of your time let’s go the the key features of this gb WhatsApp..

Here are just some of the new things the Gb WhatsApp BETA version can do

You can read any deleted messages , And prevent your friends from deleting messages they sent to you and you can also see the previous message they deleted. ( to do this go to contact info Click on contact name and then click on revoked messages) 

You can also hide second tick, blue ticks, view status, blue microphone, recording status, writing tick and second tick

Thats just some of the awesome features the gbwhatsapp latest version 7.35 can do. And there are many more.




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