Gb WhatsApp Officially Shut Down : Is Gb WhatsApp Really Shut Down

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Is Gb WhatsApp Really Shut Down?


Some people have been asking if gb WhatsApp has really  been shut down. For those that don’t know what gb WhatsApp is.

Gb WhatsApp is the mode version of the official WhatsApp messenger that allows you to save any WhatsApp status to your phone gallery without downloading any third party apps by just 1 simply click and so many other cool features.

Now the question we have been getting is that if this wonderful application has officially been shut down.

Many people think gb WhatsApp has officially been shut down simple because of the war that was going on recently between the mod apk and the original apk version. The original WhatsApp messenger recently started banning those using mod versions of WhatsApp like the Gb WhatsApp. But the Gb WhatsApp developer came with a method to bypass the ban there by creating anit ban version..



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Well I was going through Gb WhatsApp telegram channel and I came across their message. Read the messages in the screenshot below.


Well you might might be convinced that gb WhatsApp has really shut down. But my answer to this question is NO. 

You may be asking why I said so and here are my reasons.

Mere words don’t move me. And I love to take risk.

And if they were to make the announcement they are shutting down it would have been made known in their website..

And becide their are two websites that claim they are gb WhatsApp mod apk website. And I don’t really believe in the second website.

And there was also a time they said Gb WhatsApp is no longer rolling new update yet I was still updating my gb WhatsApp.



In my own opinion Gb WhatsApp has not  been officially shut down.  But if it turns out that they have officially been shut down. Then we still have one Month to switch back to the original version of WhatsApp because there would not be update on the mod apk which could cause bugs and many other issue in the apk..


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