How To Access The Dark Web

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How To Access The Dark Web:

Do you want to enter into the world of darkness ? THE DARK WEB Then make sure you are protected and safe by using VPN to remain anonymous ( hidded) online. If you are not connected with a very good VPN, then you may land in trouble even if you are using TOR browser. To access dark web all you have to do is set up your VPN on the device you want to use and connect along with the TOR Browser. It is advisable to access the Dark Web using VPN+TOR. Cause it can guarantee you 100% annonimity


Why access dark Web 

The Dark Web is a place where you can find lots of hidden information that is unreachable or unknown to the normal search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. The normal search engines cannot show (index) the Dark Web Sites and its Links. So, it is not possible for normal people to reach unless you are a member of the Dark/Deep Web.


What you should never do while you access the Dark Web

Do not change the TOR browser’s window size.

Do not access the dark web unless you Turn OFF Javascript.

Do not work in front of the Webcam. Disconnect the webcam immediately. Cause someone can track you with it

Also, disconnect your microphone.

Do not use your original details like name, email, photos, videos, and passwords on the dark web. It is more dangerous and it is easy for you to be breached.


What you should never do on TOR Browser

Use Tor browser and don’t torrent over Tor.

Don’t turn on or install browser plugins.

Do not use websites that do not  have HTTPS version of it.

Don’t open documents downloaded through Tor while online


How To Access Dark Web

To access the dark web, you need a special browser called “TOR”. You cannot access dark web with a normal browser like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. This is because no browser supports .onion sites and its links. Only TOR browser supports .onion sites.

Then Go to  website.

And tap the “Download TOR” button.

A new window will pop-up. Now, download TOR browser bundle.


After downloading TOR browser on your device

Go and get a very good VPN and use it all the time, no matter if you are using a TOR on your device. Do not think that because you are using a TOR browser that you are 100% protected and safe online. It is not true. The fact is that ISP ( Internet Service Providers) and other law enforcement agencies are able to track you from where you access the dark web even if you are using a Tor browser.

So always use a VPN and remain safe


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