How To Crack A Computer Password

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How To Crack A Computer Password :


Have you ever taught of changing your Friend’s Computer Password without knowing their current Password? If yes then this post Is for you


With this article It will be very easy to change password of any computer without knowing their current password.


Note : you can only use this method when the PC is logged in from the user


steps to crack a computer password :

Rightclick on My Computer or This Pc .

Then Click on Manage .

Nest step is to Click on local users and group .

Double Click on Users,

Then RightClick on User Name which you want to change the password .( name of that computer user)

Then Click on Set Password .

Click on Proceed .

Enter the new Password .

Then confirm the New Password .

Click on Ok

Again Click on Ok.



Boom the password is changed


this is how you can actually change someone password without knowing their current password.


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