How to create a discord bot

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How to create your own discord bot that posts what you want (NO HOSTING OR CODING REQUIRED)


How to create your own discord bot that posts what you want (NO HOSTING OR CODING REQUIRED)


Below are the steps in which you can create your own discord bot


You will learn how to create a bot for discord that posts whatever you want it to say in the channel of your choice.



Features :


super easy setup (less than 5 minutes if you don’t act totally dumb)

Change the profile pic of the bot

Let the bot say whatever you input

No hosting required

Change the channel that the bot posts in

Change the name of the bot


Okay so without further delay lets begin


First things first, find the discord server you want the bot to be in. Have that? Awesome.


Now, go ahead and download Postma

You can find it here, it’s free:

Just install it like any other program

You should end up with a login/register screen


Now simply click this:


(I mean you technically CAN create an account but we don’t need that)


You can close the popup thingy


Chill, once you have it set up you never have to do it again


Switch this part to POST

Now click on “Body”

Now click on “form-data”

Now fill the boxes on the left EXACTLY like this






Now you can start filling the right side with your own stuff

The username part will be the username that your bot has while posting

The avatar_url is the profile picture that your bot will use, therefore it has to be an image link (you have to check if the link ends on .jpg, .png etc.)

the content is… well the content, it’s what your bot says




Go into your discord server that you want the bot to be in

Choose which channel you want the bot to post in (you can change that at any time)


Got your channel? Awesome.

Click on “edit channel”

Click on webhooks

Create a new webhook and name it whatever you want, don’t bother with the profile picture as we’ve already set that up in postman

Be sure to copy the webhook url and save everything

Paste the webhook url into the grey bar in postman

Once you’ve done that, THAT’S IT, YOU’RE DONE

You can click “Send”

After that you have successfully created the bot. Simple and easy.


 Extra tips:

If you want to change the channel that the bot posts in simply copy the webhook from that other channel


The bot can use pretty much ANY webhook so you could probably do much more creative things with this bot, this was just a simple tutorial to get you started




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