How to get a free USA number 2019

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How to get a free working USA number 2019

Have you been looking for a USA number for your online activities or for your business or you need a USA number as your second number for free? If yes then this article is for you . Read till the end


Many people have been looking for a way to get a free USA number and have searched the Internet up and down yet they haven’t found one legit ways of doing so .. Well worry no more cause my online techs is here for you and with the latest method to get a free working USA number this 2019…


Well its very very possible to get a free USA number without going to the USA or looking for a USA line..

I have done many research  and have  found out the best way to get a USA number here in Nigeria for free .


Without wasting much of your time let’s get to the step to create a free USA number


Steps to get a free working USA number


  1. Text plus apk Click here to download text plus apk now
  2. Yoga vpn Click here to download yoga vpn apk now


1. Download yoga vpn and open the app then select any USA country and connect


Ater connect launch the text plus apk


Then swipe right till you see sign up then click on sign up


Then put your username and password then accept their terms and conditions and then click on create account


Then you will be asked to add an email or phone number before you can create the account just put your email or number they will send you a  code to your email or phone number



Then input the code and your account will automatically be created



Then you will see a message below just click ok


Then choose the USA state  and area code of the number you want after you have choose then click on get custom number


You Will then receive a welcome message with your new USA phone number


With the above step you have gotten your free USA number just copy the number and share with friends… Any time they call you you will be able to receive the call with the text plus apk and if they send you message you will see the message in the text plus apk


And if you don’t like the number you can always change it at customize my number in the menu section


NOTE : always make sure your vpn is turned on when you want to access the text plus apk in other not to get your account banned


Let’s us know in the comment section if this method work for you or not so that we will be able to help you


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