How To Get Any Paid Apps On Playstore Free

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How To Get Any Paid Apps On Playstore Free Of Charge :


Myonlinetechs has come up with a tutorials on how you can simple get any app you want to get on play store free of charge without paying any money for it.

Its a simple method which am going to share with you and it has been texted and confirmed by myonlinetechs. But before we continue if you haven’t subscribed to our blog or haven’t join our official WhatsApp group make sure you do so. So that you will be notified when new techs trend articles like this are posted.

Without wasting much of our time let’s head on to the method.


Procedures to get any paid app on play store free of charge

First you will have to download an apk called APPVN or  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE APK   and then install.

Then go to play store and type the name app you want.


Now click on share button and then share it with Appvn that you downloaded.


Now after sharing to APPVN it will automatically open the apk for you. All you have to do is simply press download


After you press download a box will appear saying you need to login to APPVN. Simply press close


Then another option will come up saying if you want to sync your downloaded applications with Google. Simple press cancel. Or you can press yes if you want.


The app will automatically start downloading. Depending on your phone if it gets stuck up at the executing download, all you have to do is simply press the back button and re press the download button then it will start downloading. After downloading just install the app and open the app to start using it free of charge


Boom you have successfully gotten your paid app on playstore free of charge.   Don’t forget to share this post with friends and family. And if you have any problem simply let us know in the comment box or contact us and we will respond to you almost instantly thank you.