How to get free 150mb on mtn

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My onlinetechs is here again with a working method to get free mb on mtn  … Just continue reading..


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Without keeping you waiting below are the step in which you can get free 150mb on mtn over and over again without any money in your main balance.

How to get free 150mb on mtn

Now without wasting much of your time let’s go… Note : read carefully so as to understand full procedures 

To get this free 150mb you need to download an apk on play store called “GIDIMO” … Some of us will be asking what is gidimo apk and what’s it used for.

What is gidimo apk 

Well Gidimo is an e-learning more app that helps students, workers and professionals to learn new courses and get new knowledge on daily basis..

Now that you have know what gidimo apk is used for so go ahead and download the apk on playstore.

After downloading the apk  sign up as a new user and fill in your name, phone number and password ..

After filling in your details you will be asked to verify your phone number with the code they will send to you

After verifying your number it will take you to gidimo home page and tell you to input the mtn number you would want the Mb. After inputing the number your MTN Sim will be credited automatically with 150mb without stress.

NOTE : you can only use mtn number to collect the mb


How to get more than 150mb with the apk 

Well some of us will be saying this is a really nice ways of getting free 150mb but Is isn’t enough for my daily browsing life cause I will have to download videos stream movies and do more things online and will require more than that 150mb ..

Don’t worry with this apk you can accumulate more than 150mb by simply following the instructions below


To get more than 150mb using gidimo apk all you have to do is delete the apk data and and sign up again using another phone number. It may be glo line or any other number. You can simply use your friends, brothers, sisters neighbours to sign up by telling them to send you the verification code that was sent to their phone number then use your MTN number to collect the data cause it only support mtn line.

Repeat this process and you will be able to accumulate as much data you need for free..

The more sim or number you get that’s the more mb you are going to get .. And you can check your mb balance by dialling *460*260#


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