How to get free airtime on vskit

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Free airtime on all network

Myonlinetechs is here again with the latest method on how to earn airtime on all network using vskit apk ..

This method is not a cheat or trick and it dosent require any VPN or tweaking for it to work . And it works on all network


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Some people will be thinking how can this be done . Don’t worry myonlinetechs got you covered ..

You will be able to earn free airtime using vskit app. We all know vskit apk is an apk to create short funny videos but most people don’t know they can actually earn free airtime of all network with it.

How to earn free airtime on vskit

Without wasting your time let’s show you the steps in which you will be able  earn free airtime on all network with this apk ..

(1). Download vskit apk CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

(2). Sign up with the phone number in which you want the airtime

(3). After successful registration click on the explore button


Then wait for  the dollar icon on the top of the apk to appear as shown in the image below



(4). Click on claim daily rewards to claim it. After claiming the rewards click on withdraw to withdraw the airtime



(5).  Choose the network of you phone number and click confirm


After confirming the airtime   you will be credited automatically to your account .


Do this daily to get free airtime on your phone. . And you can also get airtime when you refer someone with your referral code.

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