How to spy or read someone WhatsApp message using your phone

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Learn how to spy or  read someone else WhatsApp message on your phone 100% working 

Do have a girlfriend that you feel is cheating on you or you are a parent and u want to be able to monitor what your child’s doing on WhatsApp? If yes then this post is for you


Today I will be showing you how you can spy or read someone else WhatsApp message



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Without wasting your time let’s learn how to easily  spy or read someone’s else WhatsApp message with your phone





(1). Download and install “Whatsweb”. You can also install the app directly from  play store or app store


Requirement : Your phone and the target phone, both with a working internet connection


(2).  Run the app with your internet connection activated. (On your phone).



A QR code appears which keeps on changing second after second


(3).  Open the WhatsApp app on the persons  phone and click Options Menu>>WhatsApp Web


A scan camera appears


Click OK, GOT IT



(5).  Position the persons  phone such that it scans the QR code on your phone(ensure both phones have a working  Internet connection)



(5). Within 5 seconds or less, your phone vibrates and the QR code will disappear to give way for scanning.


The time it takes  depends on how strong your Internet  connection is.



After a short period, all the WhatsApp chats on the persons  phone will appear on your phone’s screen… That’s all You’re done


From there you can always view the persons  chats anytime you like.


NOTE : note it will only work when he/she is online

You can now view  their mesages, reply them from your phone and even have the access to change their profile pictures and statuses all on your phone .




fee free to let us know in the comment section if it work for you or not


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