India Finally Ban Pubg Mobile

India finally ban pubg mobile

India has banned 118 apps that’s is said to be based in or linked to China. And pubg mobile, Baidu and Alipay are among the apps being banned by India.

Early June India did ban Tiktok Wechat and more than 50 apps that are based in China saying they were a security issue.

The ministry of electronics and information technology in India said that they have been receiving complain about apps transmitting and stealing user data in an unofficial manners to server outside India.

The ministry of electronics and information technology didn’t mention China specially. It only said that the action will protect the interest of people of Indian mobile and internet users.

News suggest that the ban may be related to the current border argument between China and India.

Many popular apps has now been banned by India and removing them from the largest market of mobile phone user .

And pubg mobile which is made by Chinese tech giant tecent is said to be one of the biggest game in India