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Browsing Cheat For Mtn :

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If you are a night man, someone that dosent sleep at night surfing the internet then this post is for you cause you will be able to download and browse unlimitedly for as low as 50 naira .


Steps to browse unlimitedly on mtn

Without wasting your time let’s go.

All you have to do is first download Samsung max apk vpn or  Click here to download

After that subscribe to YouTube night plan simply by sending VP5 to 131 for 50 naira ( as shown in the screenshot below) 

After sending you will receive a message saying the plan has been activated

Then on your Samsung max apk and start browsing unlimitedly

That’s all Very simple and easy without stress

NOTE: there is no setting in the Samsung max apk. Just open the Samsung max apk and turn it on 

It will start by  12:00 am and expire by 5:00 am 


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