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Samsung Galaxy bud reviews 


The Samsung Galaxy Buds have the same pill-shaped charging case, interchangeable wingtips, and small plectrum-shaped touchpad on each earbud to control playback and call any of the AI assistant  built into your smartphone.(eg Bixby and siri ) But despite the shared DNA, the Samsung Galaxy Buds introduce a number of improvements that helps them stand-out in a very crowded market.

Samsung says the Galaxy Buds can endure six-hour music playback between charges,  While some of its competitors only manage a meagre two to three hours, the Samsung Galaxy Buds can play  through the longest podcast, album, and can even make it through at least one chapter of a Game Of Thrones audiobook – high praise indeed given the size of those door-stoppers without getting to the low battery icon. When the Samsung Galaxy Buds need to be recharge, the bundled charging case is good for a single top-up, which is one refill fewer than most of its closest true wireless competitors.


Features of the Samsung galaxy bud

The Samsung Galaxy Buds will automatically pause and play whenever they’re both removed from your ears,

Amazing Earbud Battery Life

Wireless Charging Battery Case

Comfortable Earbud Design

Selection Of Wingtips, Earbuds To Fit Your Ear

Audio Quality Isn’t All That

The Samsung Galaxy Buds charging case supports wireless charging,. . And, if you have the Samsung Galaxy S10 phone you can top-up the charging case by placing it on the back of your phone too.

Although the Galaxy Buds will work with any smartphone running Android version 5.0 and above as well as recent iPhone models. But the Samsung galaxy bud works better on the Samsung phone

When you first open the Samsung Galaxy Buds case next to a Samsung smartphone you will get a pop-up at the bottom of the screen which gives one-tap pairing with the handset. Thats to say the Samsung galaxy bud can easily be paired


Price and availability

The Samsung galaxy bud is available for sale at $129 (approximately 46,500 in Nigeria naira) and its available for purchase in amazon



Apple’s AirPods is probably known to have a distinct design with a stem that comes out of the ears.

Samsung created a different design than Apple, using a pillbox-style case and a squatter, rounder design for the earbuds themselves to set the Galaxy Buds apart from the AirPods.. Which make the Samsung galaxy bud so special and a true competitor to the apple airpod

If you need an earbud with long lasting battery life then Samsung galaxy bud is best for you..


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