What is dark Web and deep web


What is dark Web and deep web and how to access it


Most individuals  have been wondering what dark web really is or what’s deep Web or how are they being accessed.

Bascially dark web and deep web are closely related

The Web as we all know it’s  divided into three namely :

    • The surface web

    • The deep Web 

    •  The dark web


What is surface web

The surface web is the common internet everybody uses to browse articles, news , search reviews and  so on . it’s also called the “regular” web cause that is the one every one recognize.. for instance the web like Google, Twitter, YouTube and alternative social media. If we would like to search out some info we tend to search them that leads us to a website that is in surface web that is indexed and page visible to search engines

How to access surface web

Just search one thing in any search engine, it’s a surface web , even google is a a part of surface web…


The deep web

The deep web is a set of the web that’s not indexed by the main search engines. this implies that you just ought to visit those places directly rather than having the ability to look for them. therefore there aren’t directions to get there, however they’re waiting if you have an address. The Deep web is basically there just because the web is simply too large for search engines to cover completely. that the Deep web is the long tail of what’s unseen , like some company’s info (as only specific individuals can access it)

How to access deep web

You will need precise address or URL  as these pages don’t seem to be indexed and cannot be searched.


The dark web

this is often one thing majority of individuals are unaware of, The Dark web (also referred to as Darknet) – a subset of the Deep web that’s not only not indexed, however that also requires one thing special to be able to access it,
These pages need further sub-network like Freenet ,I2P , TOR. Thes and is commonly related to criminal activity of various degrees, as well as buying and selling drugs, gambling, etc. Dark Web is illegal



How to access dark web

Most dark websites don’t seem to be directly accessible via a standard search created through a search engine; they effectively hide themselves. they’re accessible only if the addresses of these sites are familiar to the user.

methods which hide websites from normal searches are:

Private web which requires registration

Contextual web varies as per ip

Limited access content where access is limited to certain accredited contents

Scripted content that is accessible only through links generated by JavaScript or dynamically downloaded from web servers

Non-HTML/text content

Software where data are deliberately hidden from the regular net and created accessible only with special software, like Tor, I2P, or different darknet software

Web archives which are archived versions of web pages, including websites that became inaccessible, and don’t seem to be indexed by search engines like Google



The industries that operate over the dark web are called darknet markets; this includes black market sales of outlaw products, to remain hidden from governments and law enforcement agencies. The dark web is additionally used in alternative ways, like communication between whistleblowers and protecting users from attacks or surveillance to make sure privacy in communication. however the dark web is generally used in black markets because it guarantees total anonymity.