whatsapp new features 2019


WhatsApp is understood for its shaping privacy options. Privacy of WhatsApp is exceptional very outstanding day by day. finish users can block the unknown contacts so they can’t hassle them; second, if the user doesn’t wish to share the “last seen today”, then one can uncheck it by going to the settings. Isn’t it very simple?


Well, WhatsApp is once more adding value to the users; in terms of AN exciting doodle feature. This WhatsApp features  will come with the new version 2.19.71 of WhatsApp. it’ll perform Similar as that of iOS; it’s within the testing phase. Isn’t it exciting! To play with the new doodle feature; you can add emojis and a range of stickers. The new version 2.19.71 is possible to roll out with the support of Google Play Beta Program; formally the classes of stickers and emojis are same as of the iOS version.


Android users wake up! you’ll shortly be using a similar feature as of iOS. it’ll have separate tabs for the stickers and emojis classes. within the last few updates, WhatsApp is bit by bit rising the sticker’s addition. Knock Out! The WhatsApp can now add spice by implementing the feature within which you can add sticker to the photographs, videos and far more.


As far as functionality Is concerned , now  end users will have way of “search button” through which one will simply far a particular sticker. As it’s within the testing phase; there’s a haul that is returning up; the search button isn’t showing within the humanoid version thanks to some unresolved bug. The Google Beta Program is already launched, and in no time, you’ll see the new feature hovering over.



WhatsApp is on its toes and banned far range of accounts that are using WhatsApp GB and plus version. As way user privacy or security is concerned, third parties turn out the said versions and not secured the option then why to use that? WhatsApp cannot verify the protection procedures of the subjected WhatsApp versions.