WhatsApp is working on animated stickers for android, ios and Web

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WhatsApp is working on animated stickers for android, ios and Web versions

The WhatsApp world wide messaging app is working on animated stickers for android ios
and Web version. This WhatsApp feature is currently under development, and it’s not available at the moment . Normally the regular WhatsApp GIFs, stop playing after a few seconds, but the the animated stickers will continue playing throughout.

The WhatsApp Animated stickers might be included in the stickers pack and will have to be downloaded by the end user. This animation will be previewed in the sticker and in the chat section as well by WhatsApp The WhatsApp animated sticker will also include support for third parties stickers, much like the traditional stickers.

WhatsApp plans to roll out the animated stickers with the future updates this time, for both Android, iOS, and Web version. At this moment, there are no details regarding the public rollout of the feature.

I think this will be a cool features for everyone using WhatsApp ranging from android users to ios users..

Dont forget to let us know what you think about this WhatsApp new features and the impartation it will bring to our messaging life…

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